Why You Need Patent Protection

If you have a great idea and it is not patented, you are potentially risking thousands or millions of dollars. You do not want to be another inventor who sees your invention on TV and thinks “I wish I had patented that when I thought of it!” A patent is the only way to make sure that no one else benefits from your idea without your consent.There are certain proven methods for product development, and United Patent Research adheres to all five steps of this proven process.

Step 1 : Submit your idea for a Free and Confidential Preliminary Review. Certain ideas are not patentable, and if that is the case, our staff will let you know. Start today by submitting your idea!

Step 2: Research your idea and the potential of your patented idea. Identify the market size, develop formal price estimates, locate materials that your product can be constructed from, etc… UPR provides much of this research in our report. Find out more by reading about our research methods at UPR.

Step 3: Protect your idea with a patent or trademark! File for a provisional, design, or utility (non-provisional) patent with the USPTO, and internationally in China or the European Union. Read more about patents and trademarks.

Step 4: Get the word out, and meet with manufacturers and licensors of other similar industry products. Trade shows are a great place to identify manufacturers of products, who are constantly looking for new ideas and products. See some of the trade shows that UPR will attend this year.

Step 5: Monetize your patent. To earn money from your patent, you must locate a company or individual who wants to purchase or license your patent. UPR is pleased to be working with a successful licensing company, Universal Licensing. Read more about monetizing your idea here.


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