Monetizing Your Idea

(Licensing and Production)

Acquiring a patent from the USPTO is the first step to ensuring that your idea is protected. However, a patent by itself, does not produce any income or provide an incoming revenue stream.

To profit from a patent, you need to find a company or individual to license your patent from you, or to manufacturer the product that your patent represents. Many different companies, large and small, actively seek out innovative licensing deals from inventors to allow the company to expand their market share.

Alternatively, a company may seek to purchase the patent from you in a lump sum settlement agreement. Lump sum settlements usually involve the selling of all rights or exclusive rights for a patent to a single company who may use the patent in any manner they so desire.

UPR is delighted to work with Universal Licensing, an experienced licensing firm with more than 100 licensed products. UL specializes in helping inventors profit from their patented ideas!

  • Our licensing affiliate works with UPR’s clients strictly on a 20% contingency basis. Requiring no upfront fees from the inventor.

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Some of UPR’s patented (or patent pending) clients can be found on Universal Licensing’s website, here.