Inventor of Cancer Awareness Product Expresses Appreciation of UPR Services

United Patent Research client Carol K., inventor of Breast Cancer Jewelry, recently expressed her appreciation of the inventor assistance services she has been receiving from UPR. In addition to expressing satisfaction with the reasonable pricing of UPR services, Carol communicated that: “I have really appreciated the way your company has been processing my invention idea. I have received everything I have been told I would. The New Product Portfolio, the phone calls to keep me up on the process and where we are in it, the patent search and the patents. I am excited about the process and have learned a lot about getting a patent. I have gone to every web site that you recommended and was very pleased with the information I gleaned from them.” Carol’s invention, Breast Cancer Jewelry, is a creative Jewelry design which expresses the wearer’s concern and support for women who have survived cancer or are attempting to overcome cancer. As a cancer survivor herself, Carol believes that Breast Cancer Jewelry can be a meaningful tool in raising awareness about the challenges facing people who are trying to overcome cancer.

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