Trademark Protection

A trademark is a form of intellectual property protection which grants exclusive rights to its owner. A trademark is how your customers distinguish your company, services, or products from others. Legally protecting your mark with a trademark allows you exclusive rights to display the trademark. Trademarks ensure a level of protection for your ideas. A trademark protects your profitability by distinguishing you from your competitors.

If another person profits from your trademarked image without your consent, you have the right to pursue legal action against them. Without a trademark, you could be losing potential profit to competitors. A trademark may or may not be enough legal protection for you. In addition to a trademark, you may need a patent.

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Be Creative.
Think of a brilliant new concept that either solves a problem, fulfills a need, or is just plain ol’fun.

Be Thorough.
Think about materials for construction, overall design and durability.

Be Original.
Think about whether you’ve seen a similar product on the market.

Be Business Minded.
Think about PROFIT, PROFIT AND MORE PROFIT! Can your product be manufactured at 25% (or less) of its future retail price?