CryoTENS, TherapEZE, and X-Celeael


Clint Fruitman has a background in materials and biomedical engineering, and has designed the perfect way to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in joints and muscles. Users of Clint’s devices all receive dramatic pain relief without drugs, and many experience a restoration of their quality of life.

CryoTENS is a single device that can provide cold therapy plus nerve and muscle stimulation, providing pain relief for 3 to 6 hours. CryoTENS is designed for office or home use, and is easy to use pain control that does not require any drugs. TherapEZE is a made from a revolutionary new material that feels absolutely wonderful on the skin. It can be cooled to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, and then direct skin contact is cool and very soothing.

Clint is currently working with UPR and Universal Licensing to identify a pathway to market his inventions.