UPR Contact With Innovative Tool Company

At the National Hardware Show, United Patent Research (UPR) met with a manufacturer that deals with a wide variety of hardware tools for the home as well as for commercial use. This company has very unique designs and uses a lot of ingenuity in putting together products for sale. One of their products that caught our eye was a multi-headed screwdriver that holds multiple heads on the handle making the heads very visible and accessible to the user. This makes it very easy to interchange heads. Instead of having to search through a storage compartment, the user just needs to look at the heads on the screwdriver handle. After meeting with their president, UPR will be in discussions on having pre-Non Disclosure Agreements in place so that we can give multiple presentations to this company. We are interested in maintaining contact with this tool company as UPR has an extensive repertoire of innovative tools to offer for licensing.

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