Kitchen Innovations Highlighted At Meeting

United Patent Research (UPR) met with a major North American manufacturer that specializes in innovative kitchen accessories and gadgets. Because of their unique designs and innovative technology, this company is always looking for cutting edge products – they have always felt pressured to come up with the next hot item. UPR was fortunate enough to meet with one of their managing directors recently. During that discussion, we got to view a variety of the products that they carry to give us some insight as to what may interest them in the future. We have been researching our catalog of invention ideas in order to find inventions that we feel will be appropriate for this company’s market niche. At the show, we discussed the advantages of getting pre-Non Disclosure Agreements (pre-NDAs) signed which would enable us to provide invention submissions on a regular basis. We expect to reach out to this company shortly in order to start discussions so we can build a long-term relationship. We feel this company has the potential of licensing numerous products conceived by inventors working with our company.

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