Interest Shown In Knee Saving Invention

At the National Hardware Show, United Patent Research (UPR)  met with a Canadian-based company out of British Columbia that has a very narrow market niche dealing with construction kneepads. Although UPR has very few selections in this category, this company has shown an interest to review Lee S.’s Knee Dolly. After meeting with their representative, UPR will be contacting the President of the company to establish Non-Disclosure Agreements. Once those agreements are executed, UPR will be able to pass the ball to Universal Licensing where hopefully negotiations will take place. Mr. Lee S. has been working in construction in removing and installing floors for years. He has a working prototype which UPR will be able to present to this manufacturer once the Non-Disclosure Agreements are in place. We look forward to following up with them regarding this practical, knee saving invention.

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