Interest in the ID Collet, Kombo-Kutt, & the C.M.V. Safety Lamp

At the AAPEX 2017 Show, United Patent Research (UPR) met with the Vice President, Tina W, of a major international company. We already have pre-agreements in place with this company for potential licensing. Currently this major tool company is selling their products in over 20 countries worldwide. At the show, there were 3 products that received specific interest: Lawrence S.’s (Smith) I.D. Collet, James A.’s (Andrews) Kombo-Kutt, and Aubrey A.’s (Ashley) C.M.V. Safety Lamp. UPR was also able to provide a video presentation at the show for this company to review. They expressed interest in possibly having the I.D. Collet manufactured in Taiwan. UPR will be following up in the very near future to see if there is any additional information that is needed. We will also be communicating with our licensing affiliate, Universal Licensing, regarding the possibilities for a licensing agreement.

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