Expanding Company Reviews Inventions

In February, United Patent Research (UPR) met with a toy manufacturer at the Toy Fair that signed a pre-Non Disclosure Agreement (pre-NDA) at the event. In addition to submitting all of UPR’s toy products to this company for review, we became aware that this company has its marketing tentacles in other fields, especially hardware. After reviewing their website, UPR selected a handful of products that we felt would present this manufacturer with innovative new product conceptions that would fit their market niche perfectly. Just in the first batch, there were two products which inspired great interest from this company – Kenneth S.’s EZ Caulking Gun and Roger M.’s Screw Guide. Recently, UPR called Hong Kong to speak with the President of the company who oversees all the licensing. There were discussions about taking one of these products and presenting it to major hardware retailers in Asia as well as in Europe. UPR will be in contact with Universal Licensing, our licensing affiliate, to bring them up to speed. We will be ready to pass the ball over to Universal Licensing at the appropriate time for them to continue the negotiations. UPR will continue to be in contact with this interested manufacturer and make sure that all relevant documents are signed.

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