Construction Site Accessory Receives Manufacturer Interest

A United Patent Research (UPR) client received manufacturer interest in his product while utilizing Universal Licensing’s transmittal kit program. Universal Licensing is the licensing affiliate of UPR. By contacting the recommended companies provided by UPR, Justin M. received serious manufacturer interest in the form of an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) from a Northeast manufacturer that specializes in hardware products. UPR made contact with this company initially in 2012 and then notified Universal Licensing of this manufacturer contact. Universal Licensing followed-up by sending information to this manufacturer. UPR has spoken to the President of the company and is waiting to hear if there is going to be interest in signing a licensing agreement. The inventor’s product, Shoulder It, is an innovative construction site accessory designed to make the carrying of wooden planks, and other items on the shoulder, convenient and relatively pain free.

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