Baking Accessory Receives Manufacturer Interest

Over the last several months, United Patent Research (UPR) has been assisting several inventors in constructing prototypes for the presentation of their product. Typically, UPR does not require or suggest that inventors have prototypes unless there is an interested company that absolutely insists on having one. In many cases, companies can get the gist of the product’s use and function without the inventor having to invest in a prototype. Michael O., inventor of the Cake Tent, has had two companies very interested in his invention since the International Home & Housewares and the National Hardware shows. Michael O. has gone through a lengthy process to get his Cake Tent prototype constructed. UPR has also assisted him in shooting a video that will be used for an upcoming presentation. The company which will be viewing the video owns at least ten major kitchen accessory companies and is a major player in the development of kitchen products. UPR has sent the video and the sample prototype to the company’s contact person, and we hope to have some feedback very shortly. Once UPR receives the sample prototype back, we will then forward it to the second interested company for review. This second company is a major player for “As Seen on Television” products as well as for housewares, hardware, and pet products. This company is a U.S. based company that also owns factories in China.

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