Is there a benefit to using a registered patent attorney to file my patent?

You can always file for a patent on your own, but you run the risk of your application being denied (with no refund from the USPTO) or of your patent not being strong enough that any company wants to buy or license it from you.  The initial costs may be more appealing to you but, keep in mind, there is more than one fee involved in getting a patent and, eventually, you are going to have to spend money trying to sell or license it.  Using a registered patent attorney will decrease the chance that your application will be denied and increase the likelyhood that you will have a substantial patent granted.  A manufacturer sees value in buying or licensing a strong patent.  UPR uses registered patent attorneys for all legal work as well as provides our clients with an added bonus of working with a licensing attorney who will help to market their patents on a contingency only basis.  This means free of charge to you.  UL’s only fee is a 20% commission once your patent is sold or licensed.  You’ll easily spend tens of thousands of dollars more to do it yourself.

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